During spring and summer 2010 I have given several lectures and training for schools, voluntary organisations and women’s refuges. Moreover I have carried out surveys in the form of expert reports in asylum cases, on honour-related violence, to law companies as well as taking part as the clients' expert witness in the legal process. I have also carried out telephone consultations about risk assessments in complicated child welfare cases for the social authorities. Apart from this I am continuing to work on my new book about women in occupied areas and post-conflict areas. This should be ready for publication through Premiss Publishers at the time of the Book and Library Fair in Gothenburg in 2011. It will probably be published simultaneously in English via ZED Books who have shown interest in it.

You can still buy the debate book “At 20 it starts to rot”, Premiss Publishers 2009, at a reduced price through me. It is an interview book about and with young women, victims of honour-related violence and threats in Sweden. The English version is available as a pdf file and can also be purchased through me.

Currently a colleague and I are putting together two reports about women’s situations and their lack of safety in the regions of Iraq/Kurdistan and Israel/Palestine following two research trips we made in these areas. These reports can be helpful to many people who come into professional contact with people with different problems from these regions. We have interviewed various women's organisations. The Iraq report is finalised and can be downloaded from my website. The Israel/Palestine report will be ready at the beginning of 2011.

An expert exchange is ongoing with Iraq/Kurdistan where we will hold three lectures in the towns of Suleimania, Halabja och Hawler/ Erbil on “Women’s rights to reproductive health" in the autumn. A follow-up conference is planned in Stockholm for January 2011.

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