EQULTA provides education and supervision regarding violence and oppression. We focus on three areas:

  • Violence in close relationships
  • Honour-related violence
  • Structural violence

We work both together and individually. Together we have extensive knowledge within the field of violence and oppression. We complement each other and so can offer both a broad and deep knowledge: we have both scientific and practical experience.

In EQULTA we take advantage of new research where culture is used as an analytical tool to discover structures and patterns that constitute problems in getting to grips with violence in close relationships.

Read more about those who collaborate in EQULTA:

  • Maria Hagberg, Master’s Degree in social work
  • Inger Lövkrona, Professor of ethnology
  • Eva Norström,
  • Eva Norström, University lecturer in ethnology

EQULTA is a collaboration of knowledge and education in issues relating to violence in various connections.

We are mainly involved with:

  • Public activities such as treatment and care, schools, SFI (Swedish for Immigrants), the police, court procedures, children and young people’s activities, social services, the Migration Board
  • Various private individuals who come into contact with other people
  • Voluntary activities, such as immigrant associations, women’s shelters, various religious communities, sports associations, victim support
  • Political parties and those elected

Read more at www.equlta.se and do get in touch. equlta@equlta.se